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Chiropractic is the science and art of recognizing and treating subluxations, which typically occur in the spinal column. A subluxation is the misalignment of a vertebra impinging on a spinal nerve. Depending on the nerve's location a variety of symptoms can be experienced.

A doctor of Chiropractic has undergone at least 8 years of training to obtain his Doctorate of Chiropractic. If you choose Bruening Chiropractic for help with your health problems an orthopedic/neurological test will be administered as well as state of the art digital x-rays of the region in question, if appropriate.

Be advised that Dr. Johnson does not accept all patients that would like to be treated at his clinic. In some cases, referral to another specialist may be necessary. A chiropractor cannot prescribe medication or perform surgery. 

What Conditions Can Chiropractic Care Help?

So what conditions can chiropractic care help? Well, your spine is what protects your spinal cord. Your spinal cord is how your body communicates between the brain and every system. If there is a vertebra that is misaligned, it may be impinging on a nerve. This is important because it is being found that the nervous system plays a key role in how your immune system functions. Therefore, if your nervous system is being compromised, your immune system may be compromised and malfunctioning. A chiropractor is a specially trained doctor that treats and protects the nervous system by relieving pressure off of the nerves. By doing this, you are allowing your body to function at its max potential and not overreact to allergens, fight infections quicker as well as decrease to likelihood of contracting illness such as colds and flus.

There is marshmallow like pads between your vertebrae called intervertebral discs. These discs house nerves inside a jelly like solution, surrounded by a cartilage. They are very important for numerous reasons. These discs proved movement in the spine. When these discs start to degenerate, a spine will become less mobile and may start fuse together.  Intervertebral discs are also creating space between the vertebrae. This is important because nerves pass through these spaces and if the space becomes compromised then the nerve may be pinched or killed off. They also act as a shock absorber. When movement occurs, the jelly solution gives the disc the ability to expand and compress. If a spine become misaligned, a disc can become herniated, bulged, slipped, or if it’s bad enough it might even rupture. A misalignment is not the only cause for these conditions. Age can cause the disc to become weak and dehydrate. Not only will these conditions put pressure on the nerves, it will also cause pain.

If you are suffering from these conditions call Bruening Chiropractic Clinic for a no obligation consultation. Surgery is expensive, risky, time consuming and has side effects. Majority of people heal naturally through chiropractic adjustments and you can too. Reduce your pain and improve your quality of life by giving us a call.

There are many conditions that have been discussed that chiropractic care can help. Not only can chiropractic adjustments help alleviate pain and help conditions, but it can also prevent conditions through maintenance care. Regularly scheduled visits help maintain proper structure and mobility. Keeping your nervous system functioning helps keep your immune system, reproductive system, respiratory system, circulatory system and much more functioning at its max potential!

Call us today at Bruening Chiropractic Clinic in Omaha NE for your no obligation consultation and get your body functioning at its max potential! Imagine the possibilities!


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